AP Transfer Case Indexing Kit


AP Transfer Case Indexing Kit

Attitude Performance

The Attitude Performance Transfer Case Indexing kit includes everything that you need to clock your 2003-2012 6 bolt transfer case down to alleviate extreme front drive shaft angles.

Please verify that your truck has a 6 bolt mounting pattern before ordering

The other features that make this kit better than others on the market include:

  • The indexing ring is machined from 3/4" aluminium and has an alignment lip to ensure proper fit.
  • 2 different seal extensions are included so you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong one.
  • A seal is included which saves a trip to the dealer to order that part as well.
  • You can index your transfer case 10,20,or 30 degrees using the different hole patterns.

(You will need to modify or drop the transmission cross member if indexing beyond 10 degrees)

Some trucks may require some clearancing of the cross member to avoid contact between the cross member and the driveshaft.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by J , 12/29/2009

Great product, helped cure my minor front driveshaft vibration, well built and very high quality.

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