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Carli 2017+ Ford Adjustable Track Bar

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Carli 2017+ Ford Adjustable Track Bar

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Ford Super Duty Adjustable Track Bar

A track bar isn't a product that weights heavy on most when considering a suspension lift. Quite the contrary, it is often overlooked as a simple geometry correction that will be addressed by whatever lift-kit is purchased. Often, with leveling kits, it's not addressed at all. Enter, the Carli Suspension 2017 Super Duty Track bar. This game-changing track bar takes center stage offering 1.5" OD x 3/8" (wall thickness) chromoly construction allowing direct threading (no weld-in bung) of a massive FK Bearing heim joint paired with the star of the show, Carli's new Encapsulated Uniball in a fully welded and strap-gusseted housing.

The Carli Track Bar's dual FK Bearing pivots allow the bar to cycle free from the bind of the factory double-vulcanized bushings while offering vibration damping to minimize road noise transmission and maximize service life. The Encapsulated FK Uniball was tested to -110°F and took it in stride with no cracking or deformation, even loss of damping during subjection to the extreme cold. The Heim and Encapsulated Uniball are both replaceable allowing users to rebuild rather than replace their bars.

Designed and built to maximize travel and ensure factory compatibility, this track bar best suits 2.5" and 4.5" lift systems with OEM steering geometry (no track bar or pitman arm drops). In lieu of travel-limiting drop brackets, the Carli Track Bar includes different axle-spacer configurations engineered to alter the lower pivot to better match the factory steering arc respective to each lift height. Laymen's terms, the bar includes all components necessary to configure specifically to both 2.5" and 4.5" steering geometry to minimize steering wheel feedback.

We consider the Track Bar to be the single most important - ironically, also the most overlooked - component in the front end. It's highly leveraged as both a steering and suspension component and it's strength, geometry and vibration damping properties directly translate into perceived quality of the entire suspension. A worn or neglected factory track bar results in loose or delayed steering input, improper axle alignment, bump steer, death wobble or excessive road noise through the steering leading to increased driver fatigue and little confidence in the vehicle's handling capabilities, exacerbated in lifted or leveled vehicles. The Carli Track Bar is excessively durable, vibration damping, geometry correcting, fully serviceable and adjustable to fit both lift heights we offer.

Please Note: This bar is not compatible with drop-pitman arms or aftermarket track bar drop brackets.


  • 2017+ Ford F250 / F350 4x4 with 2.5-4.5 inches of lift
  • Not for use on stock height trucks


  • 1.5" OD - 3/8" Wall Chromoly Construction
  • 1.0" FK Bearing Heim with 7/8" Grade 8 Hardware at the Axle
  • Proprietary, Encapsulated 7/8" FK Uniball at the Frame 
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Misalignment Spacers
  • Configurable to 2.5-4.5" Lifts without a Drop Bracket 

Part Number

  • CS-FATB-17
  • OLD Part#: CS-FPRB-17

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