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TrailReady Wheels at 8LUG Truck Gear

TrailReady Wheels at 8LUG Truck Gear


What are you looking for in a bead locked wheel. Quality? Price? Service after the sale? If price is driving your decision, you will end up with a wheel machined from a chinese casting. If quality and service are a priority, you must consider TR Wheels.

  • TrailReady has been producing quality off road accessories since 1997.
  • All TR Beadlocks, whether our HD Series True Beadlock, or our fine converted alloy wheels are counter pressure cast, by talented trades men and women.
  • TR Beadlock Wheels are a proven winner when it comes to high performance off-road. We have applications for Desert Racing, Rock Racing, Rock Crawling and Extreme Trail Running,
  • TR is the number one producer of aluminum beadlocked wheels for the military, including light vehicles, ATV's and unmanned ground based vehicles.
  • LIFE-TIME WARRANTY. Effective 1/1/09, TR offers a non-transferable lifetime warranty on HD Series Wheels. 


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