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Carli Dodge Torsion Sway Bar

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Carli Dodge Torsion Sway Bar

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Dodge Ram Suspension Sway Control

The single biggest improvement of ride quality out of the entire line of Dodge Ram Components. The OEM sway bar's torsion rate is extremely high and it almost marries the front axle to the chassis. You notice this the most in low speed offset bumps, such as crossing speed bumps one tire at a time and entering or exiting a driveway at an angle where you feel an abrupt side to side rocking of the entire rig. The first thing you feel with Carli Sway Control is a "detached" feel of the axle and chassis... finally they are allowed to work independently of each other without undo movement.

High speed performance is greatly improved and you instantly feel that the back end of the truck comes around much better which gives you drive out of corners. If you feel a harsh response of your front end on low speed activity, just think what it's doing during high speed. The factory sway bar gives the truck a lazy feel in corners while you still experience body roll. With a lighter torsion rate and adjustable arm design, the high speed cornering of your Dodge Ram will be a natural cycle of weight exchange, followed by the suspension "setting" in the corner.

The Torsion Sway Bar was revisited for 3" and 6" lift height specific brackets; drop-brackets are no longer required for the 6" systems.

As of 3/12/2012 every Sway Bar kit now comes with extreme duty 5/8" F.K. rod ends for maximum longevity and off-road performance.

Dodge Ram Fitment Guide:

  • 03 - 12 2500 / 3500 4x4 with 0-3" of lift
  • 06 - 09 1500 Megacab 4x4 with 0-3" of lift
  • 03 - 12 2500 / 3500 4x4 with 6" of lift
  • No Power Wagon Applications


  • 4130 Chromoly Construction
  • 5/8" FK Rod Ends
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Bolts On In Minutes 

Part Numbers

  • CS-DTSB3-03 | 3" 03-12
  • CS-DTSB6-03 | 6" 03-12

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lee z, 06/09/2015

Awsome addition to my suspension. Typical Carli quality is perfect. Fit and hardware is awsome and robust. Plus makes truck much more stable offroad at higher speeds. Easy to disconnect if I need to get ridiculous flexy as well!

Reviewed by Aaron , 04/05/2012

This thing works great! It takes corners like a sporty half ton now. Going around tight curves actually makes the truck fun to drive. And of course, great service from George as usual!

Reviewed by Rich 2, 04/25/2011

I have to agree with the other reviews, Carli's Torsion Sway Bar made a vast improvement over stock, if your on the fence pull the trigger you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Joe , 03/27/2010

The Carli Torsion Sway Bar made a Big Difference in Front End Feel at Low Speeds, and Sway Control is Much Improved on Curves at Speed. I am Very Impressed, and Looking forward to a Much Improved Offroad Experience with the new Sway Bar. Thanks to George for all of the Questions Answered.

Reviewed by Luke , 11/09/2009

This sway bar made a huge difference in the ride. Very high quality product and easy install. Looks great on the truck also. I am glad I went with the sway bar instead of the links. Well worth the money.

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