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Carli 2013+ Ram 3500 Dominator System

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$6,745.00 - $10,460.00

SKU: CS-DD30-1319-D
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Sway Bar Options:
Include Leaf Springs:


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Carli 2013+ Dodge 3500 Dominator System

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This is the true, Jack of all trades suspension system offering the most on-road comfort of any system in the Carli lineup. The Dominator rides better than any other system on the road while boasting off-road manners that make the truck feel half its size.

Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment
3.25″ 0.5″ - 2" 8.5″ 13″ 3.0″ 37″ x 12.5″

This system is NOT compatible with trucks equipped with the factory auto-leveling air assist.


The Dominator is pinnacle offering in boasting front Carli Signature tuned, King 3.0” remote reservoir shocks so large, we needed to engineer mounting systems front and rear for them to cycle properly. As the old adage goes, there’s no replacement for displacement. In an effort to provide customers with the best product, we do not sell off-the-shelf King 3.0s. We designed a custom piston to determine proper base flow rates to ensure the shock works well in the heavy duty truck platform; we then tuned the shocks around the custom pistons based on seat-of-the-pants feel. We round off ALL our King shocks with shafts machined and polished from a solid piece of 17-4 Stainless. Unlike King’s standard shafts, there is no coating to wear off, weather is far less likely to hurt them and if there is a small chip, you can round the edges with emery cloth to ensure the seal housing isn’t damaged as they’re not brittle like the stock, hardened shafts.

In the front, the shocks utilize a 3.0″ King with a large Pintop Bushing to secure them to the factory location.

Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Dominator System (CS-DD30-1419-D)

The front, lower shock mount – we provide a 1/4″, boxed replacement for the weak, factory stamped, half-welded mount. The top index included in the side specific mount servers to locate the shock mount off the axle’s radius arm mount. Once the factory shock mount is removed, the Carli shock mount will be welded in place providing peace of mind and as much space as possible to cycle the 3.0″ diameter cylinders of the Dominator shocks.

Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Dominator System (CS-DD30-1419-D)

Even slightly offsetting the lower shock mount, the factory brake lines that come over the top of the radius arm need to be relocated to prevent the wiper cap (blue cap on the bottom of the shock body from which the shaft extends) contacting the factory lines. We provide extended Stainless Brake Lines and routing brackets to clear the brake lines from the shocks completely.

Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Dominator System (CS-DD30-1419-D)

Another weak point…. The factory coil buckets offer very little support for the isolator – and thus, the coil – beyond a small hole to index its fitment. Combine this with a lower coil seat that’s angled forward and inward creating a spring pressure that induces both forward bowing and slipping coils. It’s not uncommon to see flattened isolators and springs that look like they’re going to slide forward and out of the bucket. Compound this factory shortcoming by adding big shocks, extended travel, and a heavy right foot off the pavement and additional support for the coils becomes cheap insurance against a coil re-installation off-the-grid! Machined from a solid piece of mild steel, these supports require front suspension disassembly, cleaning of the factory coil bucket, welding, priming and painting. Once in place, they appear factory as they’re nearly completely covered by the factory isolator. With these installed, your coil spring will not budge.

Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Dominator System (CS-DD30-1419-D)

In the rear, The shocks bolt into the factory location on the axle but the upper “Pin” style shock mount requires a bit more beef to hold up to the abuse of which a 3.0″ Shock is capable. Cut off the factory stud, bolt these to the the two holes that exist in the factory shock mount with the provided hardware to locate them and weld along the frame. Primer, Paint and you’re ready for the Dominator Shocks!

Carli 2014+ Ram 2500 Dominator System (CS-DD30-1319-D)

The Details: Your truck will sit 3”-3.5” higher in the front (cab configuration dependent) with 50% more suspension travel than the factory platform thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. The rear is lifted 2” via the optional Full Progressive Leaf Pack replaces the entire factory leaf spring assembly increasing travel and drastically increasing comfort (when compared to when compared to the factory springs or add-a-pack) throughout the entire usable travel stroke. We recommend a MAX bedload of 2,000lbs with these springs – they’re a light 3/4-ton pack designed for ride quality while keeping a respectable payload but will not support the factory capacity. This System was designed and tuned with the Full Progressive Leaf Springs; thus, they’re the only listed option. Payload can be supplemented back to factory capacity with the addition of our Long Travel Airbags – these are still in the works for the 2019+ 3500.

When pairing added down-travel with the taller ride height, the position of the factory, front sway bar will need to be altered as well. For this, we offer two options; Billet Sway Bar Drop Brackets or the replacement Torsion Sway Bar. The Billet Drop Blocks shift the sway bar down and forward to ensure the factory end links cycle properly throughout the entire extended travel range. Carli’s optional Torsion sway bar removes the entire factory sway bar assembly replacing it with a torsion bar supported by fabricated drop brackets and delrin bushings. Fabricated sway bar arms and dual 5/8” FK heim end links round off the package. This is the single best bang for the buck, ride-quality upgrade offered by Carli Suspension. We HIGHLY Recommend the Torsion Sway Bar be run with the Dominator System.

When lifting the front end of a straight axle truck, the front axle is pulled off-center unless the proper linkages are addressed. Three inches of front lift equates to an axle shifted toward the driver’s side ¾” and, in the radius arm equipped Rams, lightened caster and slight rearward axle shift. This system includes an Adjustable Track Bar to push the axle back toward the passenger side and provide a stronger link with less deflection for the lifted application. We also include Radius Arm Drop Brackets to recenter your caster adjustment and shift the axle forward to its new center of travel. Everything is included to support flawless operation of all components.

Wheel and Tire: This system will fit up to a 37” tire when utilizing wheels that are no more than 9” wide with 5.75-6” of backspacing. A 12.5” wide should fit with no rubbing on the factory radius arm and only minor trimming required, while a 13.5” will require more trimming and slightly more offset to fit properly. 35” tires will fit with VERY minimal, if any trimming. We Recommend running an 18” diameter wheel for optimal ride quality (more rubber = better small bump compliance) on a 35”-37” E-rated tire running 45psi front, 40psi rear when unloaded. 


Base Kit Includes:

  • CS-DFBD-1    Front Bump Drops
  • CS-DLRC-14-D    Front Linear-Rate Coil Springs
  • CS-DATB-1419    Front Track Bar
  • CS-DRAD-14    Radius Arm Drops
  • CS-DCM-20-HK    Transmission Crossmember, Extended Hardware Kit
  • CS-DD30SPKG-13-D    Carli Tuned King 3.0" Remote Reservoir Shock Package with Stainless Shafts, Reservoir Mounts, Brake Line Kit, Coil Isolator Supports, Front Lower Shock Mounts, and Rear Upper Shock Mounts


  • 2013+ (Yes, Fits 2019 and 2020 Trucks) Ram 3500 4wd Trucks 


Sway Bar Selection

Sway Bar Drops

  • SKU: CS-DSBD-14
  • In-house machined billet aluminum
  • Hard-Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Correct factory sway bar geometry on 3" Lift
  • Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500, 4×4
  • Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500, 4×4

Carli Suspension Sway Bar Drops CS-DSBD-14

Torsion Sway Bar

  • SKU: CS-DTSB3-1419 
  • Easily the best "bang for the buck" upgrade for ride quality
  • Allows front suspension to move freely without giving up control
  • Requires removal of electronic sway bar on Power Wagons
  • Fitment: 2014+ 2500 4x4
  • Fitment: 2013+ 3500 4x4
  • Compatible with 2.5"-4" Front Lift

Carli Suspension Torsion Sway Bar CS-DTSB3-1419

Rear Leaf Options

2013-18 - Progressive Leaf Springs, 2" Lift, Diesel

  • SKU: CS-DFSP-13-D
  • 2" rear lift maintains slight rear-hight stance with Carli 3" Systems
  • Softens initial spring rate at ride height
  • Minimizes axle wrap/wheel hop
  • Reduces payload to "light" 3/4-ton capacity
  • Capable of 15" of suspension travel with factory shackle
  • Fitment: Ram 2013+ 3500 4x4, Diesel with 4" Axle Tube
  • Will NOT fit trucks that have factory air-assist

Low Mount Steering Stabilizer

Stainless Low Mount Stabilizer, 2014+

  • SKU: CS-DLMSS-14
  • Direct bolt-in replacement
  • Corrects left tire pull, adjustable
  • Stainless Steel Shock
  • Black Nitride Shaft
  • Billet Red Ends with 1/2" Spherical Bearings
  • Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500, 4×4
  • Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500, 4×4
Stainless Low Mount Stabilizer, 2014+ CS-DLMSS-14

High Mount Steering Stabilizer

Stainless High Mount Stabilizer, 2014+

  • SKU: CS-DHMSS-14
  • Direct bolt-in
  • Corrects right tire pull, adjustable
  • Stainless Steel Shock with Black Nitride Shaft
  • Billet Rod Ends with 1/2" Spherical Bearings
  • Fits Leveled & Lifted trucks, ONLY.
  • Does NOT Fit with Factory Power Wagon Sway Bar.
  • Fitment: 2014-18 Ram 2500, 4×4
  • Fitment: 2013-18 Ram 3500, 4×4
Carli Stainless High Mount Stabilizer, 2014+ CS-DHMSS-14

Fabricated Radius Arms

Fabricated Radius Arms for 3.25" Lift Systems, 12″ Limit Straps

  • SKU: CS-DFRA-14
  • Massive Strength Upgrade vs. Stock Arm
  • Improved ride quality and control
  • Internal X-Bracing & Serviceable 17-4 Stainless Spherical Joints
  • 12" Quad Wrap Limit Straps, For 3.25" Lift Systems
  • Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500, 4×4
  • Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500, 4×4
Fabricated Radius Arms for 3.25" Lift Systems, 12″ Limit Straps CS-DFRA-14

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