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This is the design that put SOTA Offroad on the map! The “Death Metal” finish truly captures that forged wheel look like nothing else. It is an absolutely timeless design that will look great forever. The Novakane is one of SOTA Offroad “lug specific” designs which means the number of spokes changes depending on the number of lugs on your truck. This design is TPMS sensor compatible and has the longest straightest rim lip possible.

SOTA Offroad's fitments are absolutely perfect for an aggressive fit on lifted and leveled trucks using all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.


  • Manufactured using a proprietary multi-axis CNC machining process
  • Available in Chrome or  "Death Metal" black finish
  • Engineered to exploit the longest and straightest rim lip possible
  • 3200 pound load rating
  • TPMS sensor compatible to meet OE specifications.

Novakane 8 Death Metal Part Numbers

Finish SKU Size Bolt Pattern Offset Bore
Death Metal 561DM-18987+00 18x9 8x170 0 125
Death Metal 561DM-18986+00 18x9 8x6.5 0 125
Death Metal 561DM-20987+00 20x9 8x170 0 125
Death Metal 561DM-20986+00 20x9 8x6.5 0 125
Death Metal 561DM-21087-19 20x10 8x170 -19 125
Death Metal 561DM-21086-19 20x10 8x6.5 -19 125
Death Metal 561DM-21287-51 20x12 8x170 -51 125
Death Metal 561DM-21286-51 20x12 8x6.5 -51 125
Death Metal 561DM-22187-25 22x10.5 8x170 -25 125
Death Metal 561DM-22186-25 22x10.5 8x6.5 -25 125
Death Metal 561DM-22287-51 22x12 8x170 -51 125
Death Metal 561DM-22286-51 22x12 8x6.5 -51 125

Novakane 8 Stealth Black Part Numbers

Finish SKU Size Bolt Pattern Offset Bore
Stealth 561SB-18986+00 18x9 8x6.5 0 125
Stealth 561SB-20987+00 20x9 8x170 0 125
Stealth 561SB-20986+00 20x9 8x6.5 0 125
Stealth 561SB-21087-19 20x10 8x170 -19 125
Stealth 561SB-21086-19 20x10 8x6.5 -19 125
Stealth 561SB-22187-25 22x10.5 8x170 -25 125
Stealth 561SB-22186-25 22x10.5 8x6.5 -25 125

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