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The inventors of Superclamp, the #1 tie down system in the snowmobile industry are excited to announce the newly designed and engineered Superclamp II. This is the world's first highly engineered FIBER FILLED COMPOSITE tie down system.

The following is a list of other features and helpful information about the New Superclamp II Tie Down System:

  • WORLDS FIRST highly engineered FIBER FILLED COMPOSITE tie down system
  • Light weight (approximately 5 lbs)
  • NEWLY DESIGNED gull wing structure
  • NEWLY DESIGNED pistol grip handle
  • NEWLY DESIGNED lock key
  • NEWLY DESIGNED ribbed silicone rubber pads (protects your skis)
  • NEWLY DESIGNED easy to read center adjustment knob
  • Clearly stated instructions (for easy use)
  • Strong and durable (to withstand the elements, salt, snow, rain, road grime, temp.)
  • Quick and easy to install (virtually no modifications necessary)
  • Eliminates having to reach over your salt shield or under your sleds belly pan
  • NO MORE cranking screw downs (JUST ONE EASY PULL)
  • Everything is done from the side of your trailer or truck deck
  • Virtually fits and adjusts to all types of skis
  • Awesome for truck decks (Not having the hassles like the other tie downs systems give you)
  • Theft deterrent (when using a standard pad lock)
  • Screw style deck hook included (does not obstruct loading or unloading)
  • T- Style deck hook for channel style mount e.g. floe style trailer system (must be purchased separately)
  • Additional deck hooks in either style, sold separately

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